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Customer Testimonials

Jeff Lyons

My name is Jeff Lyons. In march 2013, I was waiting at the traffic lights which changed to green and I proceeded through the lights. A car who had obviously jumped the lights smashed into me and caused £8000.00 worth of damage to my vehicle. She claimed I jumped the lights and had two witnesses. What she didn’t know was I had a witness that didn’t lie when the footage was produced. Her insurance caved in and paid my damage. Without the camera and her pretend witnesses I would have lost case. Another reason to have a camera in with every journey.

Joe Culley

I was driving down Lower Road in the bus lane. A lorry tried to turn left without looking in mirrors and hit my cab. Of course he denied it but thanks to the camera we were able to prove he tuned in on me without looking as we showed his insurers the video footage. They admitted liability straight away. The camera also gave me reassurance as I work nights that any trouble I receive is recorded and saved in case I need to refer to it at a later stage.

Dave Phillips

My name is Dave Phillips and drive one of Jeff Lyons cabs and would like to state how thankful I am in having a Novus CCTV fitted in my cab. It proved invaluable in an incident involving another vehicle which claimed I drove into him when in fact he reversed into me and thanks to the CCTV I was proven right. I would also like to point out when being confronted by other road users in being able to have certain incidents saved and stored on computer file just in case the issue arises at a later date. Once again thanks and I would not hesitate in recommending this product to everyone in the future.