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Case Studies

Met Serve ltd Endorse Novus Cameras

Monday 08th December 2014

Managing a Fleet of vehicles is a huge task and not one for the faint hearted and in almost all instances is the largest on-going cost that you will ever have as a business so when it comes to cost saving devices the market is huge and can be overwhelming. We looked at cameras from the entry level cameras to the top of the range cameras costing upwards of £250! And found the quality not only varying but even the expensive cameras where of such poor quality that it was almost embarrassing the equipment is allowed onto the market place. It was by chance that we came across Novus Auto who could not do enough to assist us.

Mark Case Study

Monday 10th November 2014

I am a private motorist who values his car and NCD, therefore on buying a new car, decided to protect it with an in car camera. One November morning whilst travelling south via the motorway it recorded a most frightening event. On joining the motorway. the car beside me at the lights undertook me then slammed his brakes on causing me to swerve round him but then once on the motorway drove in such a manner as to nearly cause several accidents. As it happened, my wife rang the police to report what was happening.