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  • 1. Forward facing camera display

    Displays exterior view of selected video file.

  • 2. Driver/passenger facing camera display

    Display interior view of selected video file.

  • 3. Information display

    Displays file name and recording type, Date, time and geographical position.

  • 4. G-sensor display

    Shows physical orientation of vehicle in 3-d space as well as g-force and impact data

  • 5. Speed-O-Meter

    Displays speed of vehicle

  • 6. Transport controls

    Controls video playback

  • 7. Transport controls

    File navigation, report generation and settings

  • 8. Map display

    Displays accurate geographical location of vehicle (internet connection required)

  • 9. Road Track

    Overlays the driving path of vehicle


Our easy-to-use software enables the user to analyse a drivers behaviour as well as any logged events during a recorded incident. The “Three-Axis Accelerometers” allow you to see when harsh braking or acceleration has occurred as well as the direction of an impact and even the severity of the accident. Novus cameras are GPS enabled and our software uses internet mapping to show you the position of the vehicle and its speed at the time of the incident. The maps can also show you the physical location of the vehicle to other roads, junctions or landmarks. Our software shows the exact time, date, longitude, latitude and g-force in three planes and speed at any given moment and enables you to generate driver reports and export the data to a CSV file.

The 100 and 150 series of Novus digital car cameras also offer password protection and encrypted video files to comply with the Data Protection Act 1994 this means that the video can only be played back via the software provided, unlike our competitors cameras that allow the video files to be played back on standard video players.

1. How a Novus dual lens camera works

Our cameras infuse the elements of telematics data (statistical driver behavior) like Speed (MPH), sharpness in braking, GPS mapping, G-force sensors. With CCTV footage to provide undisputable evidence in the event of an accident; Dubbed the 'Perfect Witness'... There is nothing more a driver could ask for.

2. How a Novus dual lens camera works at Night

Ruby series Novus digital dash camera with Infrared installed in a TV4 Black Cab. Night-time recording shows the passengers in the back as well as the recording of the journey.