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See Novus cameras in action

See the below video footage sent in to us by satisfied Novus customers. These videos really do highlight the benefits of installing a Novus in car camera security system in your vehicle.

Driving Too Fast

Truck driving on a very narrow country lane. On-coming car is driving too fast to slow down for the truck and hits the front of the truck.

Traffic Light Incidents

A Black cab is stationary at a red traffic light. The black cabs drives off when the light turns green. A car coming from the right hits the Black cab from the side. This proves the Black cab is not at fault.

Narrow Country Lanes

A truck driving down a narrow lane. Whilst slowing approaching a bend, an on-coming car driving at considerable speed is unable to slow down when   it see the truck and makes contact.


A truck driving on a dual carriage way. A car driving in the left hand lane next to the truck cuts the truck up and the car spins in impact.

Head-on Collision

A car takes over two trucks on a single carriage way. Whilst over taking the second truck, the car has a near miss head on collision with an on-coming car. Both cars swerve and miss each other. The on-coming car hits the first truck whilst swerving and trying to control the car.

Cash For Crash: Failed Attempt

Here is great example of a multiple failed attempts for crash for cash. on a number of occasions the driver tried to cause a accident, but failed. I would have loved to see the look on his face if he did cause an accident and was shown the video after.