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Product Integration

The Novus 150 range of dash cameras have the ability to integrate with industry leading vehicle tracking systems. The Silver 150 and Ruby 150 witness cameras have a built in trigger output which enables it to be connected with any tracking device providing that the tracker facilitates a camera connection.

The benefit of this feature allows transport and fleet managers to be immediately alerted to the fact that one of their vehicles have been involved in a road traffic incident. This feature has proved to be a pro-active solution for companies with a fleet of vehicles because it means that transport managers no longer need to rely on their drivers to report back to them when an incident has happened, however big or small.

The data collected by these devices has proven to be priceless to authorities and insurance companies alike with regards to speeding up investigations into incidents involving a third party. Having one of our cameras installed as part of your vehicle tracking system can potentially save you thousands of pounds in insurance premiums, protect your no claims discount and protect you and your drivers from fraudulent insurance claims. Generally speaking, the longer an investigation takes to resolve the larger the insurance pay-out will be.

Below are just a few of the telematics systems that our cameras are compatible with:

Enigma Telematics, Mobile asset Management
Track it Now, Ideas in Motion
Fleet Trak, Smarter Fleet Performance