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Below is a list of our Insurance Partners.


Towergate Insurance, one of the largest haulage and fleet underwriters and brokers in the UK – partner us for solutions to their commercial vehicle policy holders. Solutions are predominantly our Silver range, whether SSL (lockable) or Pro (non-lockable), to the likes of transportation companies, construction and manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical organisations.

Towergate insist on forward facing cameras as there is no real need for internal recording within commercial vehicles. The emphasis is placed on the external recording to display the driver’s position at the point of collision. This will determine whether the opposing party is to blame, showing erratic or sudden movements from both drivers. It’s is this information that is observed when concluding who is to blame – or whether the claim is fraudulent.

If you are a van user, or owner of a fleet, and require a quotation or details please contact Towergate – Motor Division direct on: 01952 298634

Westminster Insurance currently holds the largest share within taxi and private hire insurance – associated with Tradex – Westminster underwrites and brokers their policies. Currently Westminster is running a campaign of 10% reduction of premiums at the renewal point upon installation of our cameras.

Predominantly it is the SSL Ruby that is requested as a solution – and contrary to the solutions for commercial vehicles; this records internally to address the issues of violence and abuse cases within the vehicle.

If you are a Taxi or Private Hire driver and require a quotation or some details please contact Westminster direct on: 0845 373 1312.