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Frequently Asked Questions

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Both the current line of Novus in car cameras are insurance approved as well as our discontinued range of cameras.

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For Taxi and Private Hire drivers yes – however we always advise you to consult your insurance broker.

Typically Haulage and Commercial Fleet policy holders will receive an incentive upon installing these devices.

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Fraudulent insurance claims are a constant battle for insurance companies and as the number of these cases increase so do the number of pay-outs that insurance companies have to make, costing them millions of pounds every year and resulting in higher insurance premiums for consumers. With this in mind insurance companies are always looking for ways to combat these fraudsters and to help drive down the cost of insurance premiums. Vehicle dash cameras have so far proven to be the most reliable and effective way of doing this.

Our cameras can provide undisputed evidence to insurance companies, the Police and the Courts in the unfortunate event of an accident and are proven to help speed up the claims process. Footage from our Novus cameras can only be viewed using the software provided. We are unique in this industry because we are the only in car witness camera company to do this which is why insurance companies have reassurance, confidence and trust in our product line.

Another unique feature of our Novus camera range is that they can send a trigger out positive pulse to the tracking company or an insurance company making them immediately aware that a G-Shock or emergency event has occurred involving your vehicle.

Novus have been working and assisting insurance companies since 2010 so our brand name and reputation in the insurance market is well known. Over the years we have gained unprecedented experience and knowledge through our customer base and have adapted our camera range and software to suit their ever changing requirements and demands.

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Yes you can – however if you do source your own SD card, we advise that you acquire a ‘Class 10’ SD Card.This is currently the highest quality SD card available on the market, we only supply class 10 cards to ensure optimum performance from our cameras.

Informatics data such as: Date & Time, MPH, GPS location, G-force impact, Velocity & Dimension of incidents Video: 2 screens (Ruby & Topaz only) 2 or 4 screens if it's our DVR system.

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Recordings saved on the SD card can easily be saved onto another hard drive, PC or laptop.

To save all the data on the SD card:

  1. Close the Novus software if open.
  2. Go to My Computer and select the SD card drive.
  3. Double click on the View-I folder to access the Event and Normal folder.
  4. Right click on the Event folder and select Copy.
  5. Go to the desired location where you would like to save the data, right click within your chosen location and select paste.
  6. To copy the Normal folder simply select the folder and follow the same steps as above.

To save specific video clips only

  1. Close the Novus software if open.
  2. Go to My Computer and select the SD card drive.
  3. Find the video clip you are looking for in either the Event or Normal folder
  4. Right click on the individual clip and select Copy.
  5. Go to the desired location where you want to save the data, right click and select paste.

The only model of camera that we currently supply with the ability to open video files via any media player is our Topaz camera.

Encryption comes as a standard feature on our 100 and 150 range of cameras. The recorded footage is encrypted and can only play through our dedicated software.

However we endeavour to meet all of our customer’s requirements so if you have a specific requirement then please contact us. We can provide unencrypted software to allow the footage to be replayed on other software such as Windows Media play or VLC. Please enquire about this software option if this meets your requirement.


Our software is encrypted for security and data protection purposes – this is one of the unique features that makes our dash Cameras insurance approved.

Our accident witness cameras also come with Transport for London (TFL) approval. This was one of the many regulations our cameras needed to meet to be granted TFL approval. Novus are currently the only TFL approved manufacturer of 2 channel driver recorder cameras available on the market enabling us to have them installed within black cabs and private hire vehicles in city and borough councils nationwide.

The software does not come with a separate CD – However the software is stored on the SD card supplied with your Novus camera. The software can also be downloaded from our website once you have registered your product on www.novusauto.com

No – The software is free of charge.

All the cameras automatically overwrite recorded footage once capacity has been reached. However events i.e. collisions will never be overwritten – these must be manually removed from the SD card. Standard SD Cards: 2GB = 4 Hours of footage 8GB = 16 Hours of footage 16GB = 32 Hours of footage 32GB = 64 Hours of footage Micro SD Cards: 4GB = 2 Hours of footage 8GB = 4 Hours of footage 16GB = 8 Hours of footage 32GB = 16 Hours of footage