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Case Studies


I am a private motorist who values his car and NCD, therefore on buying a new car, decided to protect it with an in car camera. One November morning whilst travelling south via the motorway it recorded a most frightening event. On joining the motorway. the car beside me at the lights undertook me then slammed his brakes on causing me to swerve round him but then once on the motorway drove in such a manner as to nearly cause several accidents. As it happened, my wife rang the police to report what was happening. To be fair, they quite rightly said if there were no independent witnesses, it was my word against theirs and they couldn't do anything. Once home and I had checked to see what had been recorded, I contacted the police again and stated I had it all on camera. They sent someone to watch it, took a statement and flied a prosecution. Eventually it went to court and has resulted in the offending driver receiving a 6 month jail sentence suspended for 24 months, an 18 month driving disqualification, an extended test to regain his licence and 150 hours of unpaid community work. Had I not had the camera in the car, he would have got away with acting in the way he did, he would still be driving and probably doing the same to others. Use of a camera in the car has possibly saved a life by taking this driver off the road - assuming he follows the instructions given!


It has ended up being a very good purchase which I am now very glad I have running all the time.


On a separate matter. I now also own a classic car which I would like to have a camera in. but clearly do not want a modem box on display in the windscreen. Do you do any product that is small enough to hide somewhere invisible but good enough to record at the quality that my camera does please?


Many Thanks once again for your help in downloading and formatting the footage, most appreciated. I am happy for the footage to be used in whatever way is legal and helpful.


Kind regards.