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Novus in vehicle witness cameras are accepted by many insurance companies who now realise that the video evidence provided by our digital dash cameras is impeccable and will use it to prove without doubt who was responsible in the event of a road traffic accident or incident.

Some insurance companies provide a discount on insurance premiums to users of our Novus in vehicle CCTV camera systems. The video evidence obtained from our cameras has been proven to speed up insurance claims.

Transport managers can use the data obtained from these devices to help improve driver behaviour, reduce road accidents & incidents, vandalism, vehicle wear and tear as well as the running costs of their fleets.

  • Novus in vehicle witness cameras have been proven to modify driver behaviour.
  • Novus in vehicle witness cameras can be fitted in minutes and removed in seconds.
  • Google GPS mapping shows clearly where the vehicle has been and what time it was there.
  • Provides undisputed evidence in the event of a road traffic accident or incident

Prevents fraudulent insurance pay-outs for the likes of whiplash, including those from third parties who weren’t even in the vehicle at the time of the incident

  • Can prove that passengers ignored safety signs within the vehicle, for example seat belt signs.
  • Prevent false accusations from passengers travelling in a taxi/private hire vehicle.
  • No on-going cost - Once you have had one of our cameras installed there are no ongoing software charges. You are however expected to replace the SD card every 6 months in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and to ensure optimum performance of your camera.
  • Recognised and approved by many major motoring associations such as TFL, FORS and the majority of UK Borough Councils.