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About Novus

Novus Automotive

In a world where video is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, insurance companies and transport managers are now identifying the need for video evidence to resolve claims. Not to mention the average consumer and self-employed citizens such as taxi drivers or tradesman - whom are often at the brunt of vehicle incident disputes.

Having analysed this gap, we produced our first range of witness cameras in 2010 – and contrary to the commercial demand of today, we found our popular market place dwell with end users & private consumers. Moving forward through the years, the realisation from insurance companies increased, leading them to evaluate the ease of resolving insurance claims with evidence provided by vehicle CCTV products.

Infusing the elements of telematics (statistical driver behaviour), with CCTV footage eventually became the platform for insurance underwriters to build their policies upon. We at Novus have gone a step further, to work with tracking companies to integrate our select cameras with existing tracking devices.

Corporate companies, self-employed citizens and consumers have all taken on our product to further protect themselves or their drivers against false allegations and fraudulent insurance claims that would have normally resulted in large pay-outs. Our Novus DVR systems have proved very beneficial for large companies who have an interest in protecting their vehicles, drivers and goods. Whereas our Novus 100 and 150 range of cameras have proved most beneficial to the average consumer and particularly self-employed users such as Taxi drivers who usually benefit from reduced insurance premiums for having our Transport For London approved digital dash cameras installed within their vehicle.

As we face the growing changes in our market place and the demands from you, the customer, we pride ourselves on being pioneers within our market. All the indications are that the future lies in mass data transfer. With the growth in popularity of technological advances such as Data Clouds and 4G network connections. We look forward to the exciting challenge of integrating our systems with these media.


Our Factory

Research and development is shared between our London and South Korean office. In London our entire ethos is to maintain the highest level of customer service — this entails liaising with our customers about their experience of using our products and relaying that vital information back to our factory in South Korea to ensure that we are constantly improving our products where applicable or ensuring that we are able to offer personalised solutions based on specific customer requirements. In a select few circumstances we were able to customise an entire recording system based purely on a bespoke request from one of our clients.

The relationship between our two offices can only be described as robust and we share the same vision of being able to provide for and meet the ever changing demands and requirements of our customers and marketplace.